The Fine Line Between Tonic Water And Soda Water

Tonic water has become a trendy drink in recent times. Vodka tonic, gin and tonic and even plain tonic water are consumed in homes, as well as bars and clubs. Tonic water is different from other carbonated drinks, and in this article, we are examining the thin line between tonic water and soda water.

What Is Tonic Water?

Tonic water is a carbonated drink, containing some mineral which gives it a distinct taste. The unique ingredient in tonic water is quinine; which gives the drink its bitter taste. It is an alkaloid gotten from the bark of a native Peruvian tree. To reduce the bitterness caused by quinine, sweeteners from nectar or sugar are added to the tonic. Carbonation also offsets the bitter taste. Tonic is a popular ingredient for cocktails as well as being a top-notch beverage when combined with gin.


What Is Soda Water?

Soda water is also a carbonated drink, infused with salt and minerals. Soda water usually contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas. It does not contain added sugars or preservatives. Soda water is a common ingredient for a cocktail, particularly used along with vodka or gin.

Similarities Between Tonic Water And Soda Water

• Carbonated Water: Both share the same base, which is highly carbonated water. This is the most important component of both drinks. This similarity is highlighted in the history of Coca-Cola, which was first created as a tonic with alcohol and coca leaves added.

Mineral And Compounds: Both drinks contain different minerals and compounds. It is what gives them their distinct tastes.

Mixers: Both drinks act as mixers and are added to cocktails, gin, as well as vodka. Although their uses vary, they are both standard mixers.

 • They can both be taken as plain drinks. Although tonic waters typically have a bitter taste, some of them, like Lahhentagge tonics, can still be consumed as plain drinks.

Differences Between Tonic Water And Soda Water

Quinine: Tonic water and soda water are similar, as they have the same base of carbonated water. The ingredients they contain, however, make them taste different. Quinine, the prominent ingredient in tonic water makes it bitter, compared to soda water.

Calories: Tonic water contains sugar as well as other sweeteners, and this makes it high in calories. Soda water does not contain preservatives or added sugars, making it calorie-free.

Ghrelin: Tonic water has calories, while soda water increases ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone, and with the more soda water you consume the higher your hunger levels. This, when not watched, can lead to weight problems.

In conclusion, the difference is in quinine -- it is more healthy to lean towards tonic water, especially if you check sugar-level of your tonic.

Take it plain or mix it with gin for the best taste.